Senior Living

I live in subsidized senior apartments. I am grateful to have such a nice apartment living on SSI. The apartments vary from 40-70% subsidized and there was only one apartment at my level...very poor, one bedroom. Since I was the first resident to apply it went to me. I was so excited to get an apartment 4 years ago. The buildings were new with a dishwasher and laundry room! You never appreciate things like you do after you don't have them. That's the way I was with the washer and precious! No more dragging clothes to the Laundromat. Of course, I have been posting about the balcony.

Almost paradise...with the emphasis on almost. What you gain in nice accommodations, you give up in lack of privacy, quiet, and annoying neighbors. My latest porch mate and ALL her friends and family can't seem to go anywhere without a cigarette in their mouth. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke. When she first moved in they all stood around on the porch smoking. It came right into my apartment. I walked into my kitchen and it was filled with smoke. The manager did ask her to smoke on the balcony where it is not directly into my apartment. I can still smell it if my door is opened and the wind catches the smoke.

The other down side of senior living is...well...your dealing with older people who are more likely to pass away suddenly. We have had several deaths since I moved in here. The latest death was a gentleman who would take his walker everyday to buy liquor. He had been dead 3 days before one of his children called the police...and none of us noticed he hadn't been walking. It got me to wondering how long would I be dead before anyone realized I was gone. I don't get out or communicate very often. I would hate for my body to lay here decomposing. So...I am going to try to make an effort to start blogging more to let people know I am still kicking :)

 It was so quiet before all the people moved in!

...and so empty before I moved in

That clock died and Roger gave me a really cool Jukebox one. 
My dishwasher is still running wonderfully!

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