My Balcony

Just got in from cleaning up after the storm last night. I took down what I thought might blow away. Either we didn't get the wind that was projected or everything was secure...nothing blew flowers are fine...just a little water logged from all this rain.

I am moving very slow this year. My sister came and potted most of the flowers. I was trying to plant one pot a day and didn't get very far. Most of the Pansies and Violas are hers. They were going on a long vacation and she brought them over for me to "babysit."

I really enjoy looking at my flowers and birds. My bed faces the door to the balcony, which I try to leave open when the weather is nice. Since I spend most of my time in bed with pillows and hot packs it is nice to be able to admire my flowers, watch the birds, use the laptop, and watch TV... all at the same time.

Thank God for such simple pleasures!


  1. Sounds lovely. Simple pleasures are the best

  2. What a beautiful patio, Brenda. You have a green thumb for sure.