Joey's Vitek Story

Hi Brenda / hope your doing well / they have cut me 4 times an each time the teflon proplast had failed / last time tbey put n stainless some many yrs back / u can see the screw heads n xray /it stays swollen an pain is daily / I was told an husband when they put n stainlesss the propkast was n uncountable small pieces an n my brain an n bloodstream / they even cut my jugular / iv had giant cell tumors n my breast - my knee twice / the woese is when one came up many yrs back n my gum an I lost all my top teeth one at a time going daily to oral surg.

Who didn't believe n more than one pain pill a day tho he was going as deep as possible removing pieces of proplast said he couldn't believe it was so painful / my husband came n the room with me saw how I was being treated an was there to speak for me / to make things worse iv had over 25 plus major operations due to growths / complete menapause by 22 couldn't take hormones would throw pulmonary to lung end up n icu r ccu / so I'm eat up n spine with osteo an rheumatoid arth. / they took bone from my hip to rebuild lumbar to no avail / now its from top to bottom / both knees most all joints / I have big knots on my finger joints an one knee an toes / they said I could stand up an a bone coild break that was over ten yrs ago.

They said my internal organs r that of a person 20 yrs older as they have zipped me open navel allthe way down about 15 times/ I had to learn to catherize myself an retrain my bladder / so many more things due to proplast / my sight has been effected my one ear closes up when joint swells an i can't hear / headaches last for days with dry heaves / iv had part of intestines removed as they were perforated an I had a duodenum ulcer an bleed out 2 pints an almost died / iv had 2 major strokes as I went to bed normal each time woke up knew no one couldn't eat by myself r walk / but I fought hard as I'm ambidextrous an they believed

It made a huge diff. An I'm very stubborn / Brenda I read the dictionary entirely played tv hand games for coordination / before my strokes I rode my bike 10 miles a day as difficult as it was / I can't do it anymore but I set my mind to find other things / I made it thru two very long hard strokes / 2 yrs ago Christmas day I had a heart attack but I made it thru again / Brenda if u have any doubts of my history I have documented papers I have to carry for emergency reasons / there is much more but I won't bore u anymore (lol) // iv been married 45 yrs had 3 very healthy kids / I lost my first born my son a yr ago this past aug. / he was healthy his entire life had a bump come up on his neck / went to Dr. N days he was told he had a rare fast moving cancer an it had already spread from his head to toes an no meds to treat it 6 mo.

Later he was Gods angel /my oldest daughter was diagnosed with lupus the day b for my son was told he was dying / she has to retire as she has put n 20 plus yrs n military / did her time n Iraq / at one time she wss Deputy Commander for state of Tx. N homeland security / on top of raising 5 children which 3 r adults now with 2 grandkids an her an husband got real estate lis. An started their real estate co. Which they had to give up due to her health / lupus has hit her hard / my son also joined military as they were so close n age he graduated an waited till she graduated the following yr so they joined military together / my son left 2 children a daughter that's grown an a son 12.

Anyway Brenda I have refused to give up with much pain every day so I started rescuing animals about 12 yrs ago as I love them all an someone has to speak an care on their behalf / iv learned to give iv's - shots an so much more an my reward has been being able to show them love an the love they give back is priceless / I have no living relatives no brothers r sisters aunts r uncles / my husband other than my daughter with lupus is my family / but Brenda my inner strength all these yrs who has never left me down / has shown me what direction to go when iv lost all hope an didn't think I could stand another day of pain mental an physically has ALWAYS ALWAYS been GOD !!

There is much more of events that impacted my life like the loss of my home of 30 yrs / a hurricane a major car wreck which started my first tef/proplast implant due to a kid on drugs running a red lite pinning me in / all which forced us to starting from ground zero / I believe There is ALWAYS something to learn no matter how bad r negative the situation an if you put ur faith in GOD no matter the situation r how bad the pain GOD will give you ALL the strength you need an I'm honestly living proof // I hope I haven't bored you with a brief synopsis of my life but my reason is my sharing may help anyone to seek faith an trust in GOD every day an to NEVER give up r lose the direction that the light is shining on especially if it seems its shine has gone behind the clouds temporally as that's the key its temporary the light is still there / I'll remember you n my prayers Brenda an I'm always here if you need an ear Sincerely m.j.williams

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